Monday, April 17, 2006

Is the Illusion of Reality the Reality of Illusions?

New-Agers, philosophers, Buddhists, New Age Philosophers (oxymoron?) and others desiring to lend an air of profundity to their musing are keen to note that Reality is an Illusion. In other words, what we perceive as reality is not really reality but is really just our perception of what reality really is, if, of course anything is (really). Of course, this is what I think “they” mean, but that just might be my perception. Hell, “they” might not even exist, they may just be figments of my faulty perception assuming that my doors of perception have yet to be cleansed…assuming I have such doors (they too may be an illusion), and assuming that I really exist. For all “I” know, cogito ergo sum may be better rendered as cogito cogitem ergo cogitavi cogito sim. Maybe.

In any case, I think the whole Reality is an Illusion bit is nonsense. But then, maybe that’s just my perception. But if reality is indeed an illusion, then how do I know that I “perceive” anything, I might just be making the whole damned thing up. In fact, I might not even be writing this, and you may not be reading it. Assuming you exist. Maybe you are yet another construct of my mind (assuming a “mind” is an extant entity – of course if it isn’t, then wasting one, especially if you never had one is no biggie). So if you really are a construct of my nonexistent, unperceived mind, the question becomes, why am I writing this at all? I don’t really expect a real answer because answers are just illusions too. Probably.

May the pieces of past understanding be swept away by the comfort of an illusion, OM Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi, OM.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since I may not be really writing this, I think it may be a rather futile effort to question your state of mind if indeed you truly exist. Nevertheless it was a thought provoking albeit convoluted piece and I congratulate on a masterful piece if circular philosophy

Fri Apr 21, 08:42:00 PM 2006  
Blogger JES said...

My state of what? Where am I? When am I? Who, if anyone, are you? How can I know if you exist if you don't know if you exist except you might exist as you wrote that but then you weren't sure that you did thus meaning I might not have read it and if that's true to whom or what am I responding if I'm even responding at all? ;)

Sun Apr 30, 05:22:00 PM 2006  

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