Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blame it on Eve

The increasing, continual and heinous attack on women's rights is clearly led by Republicans -- especially Republican men.  This attack is so juvenile, so driven by biased-outdated religion, and so unabashedly and pathetically visceral that it certainly has begun to seem plausible to think that these misogynistic mental midgets are trying to get even with Eve for "our" ejection from Eden.  Even if that never really happened.  Even though Adam, "as the man" was supposed to keep his woman in check.  Even if Adam was the moron who actually ate the fruit to seal mankind's fate.

Do I sound a bit miffed?  Damn right I am -- and I'm offended.  As a father of three girls and the son of a good mother, I am more deeply offended than I can express in words.  These fools are disrespecting their own daughters, their wives, and their mothers.  I have little doubt that if someone showed a level of disrespect even half this to their daughters, wives and mothers they'd be ready to fight and yet, I know they cannot understand why I'm ready to fight.

Over the course of the coming weeks and months I'll be posting blogs on this issue.  And on the Tea Party.  And on today's VRA debacle.

Yep, I'm a Progressive and damn proud of it.


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