Wednesday, June 26, 2013


DOMA may not be dead, but it is certainly dying, and I, for one, will offer no more than to help pull the plug.  In decisions this morning on DOMA and Prop 8, the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of true marriage equality.  Finally, hope seems to be justified.

Strangely, as of the time of this posting, very little has been said by Congressional Republicans -- save Michelle "I-Have-A-Direct-Line-to-God" Bachman -- other than, perhaps, the palpable gnashing of teeth and the mumbled "Eli, Eli, lema sabbachtani's".  No doubt this will change in the coming days as FOX News and the Tea Party cobble together a seemingly cogent yet utterly vapid Republican response.  This is not completely unexpected, I suppose, as the vanquished are often very, very silent.  Often, this is due to humility, but as humility is in very short supply amongst Congressional Republicans, I should say this relative silence is really a matter of shock, disbelief and a feeling of betrayal by Justice Kennedy*.  In essence, a Red Tide is being overtaken by a Rainbow Tide -- and, I don't know about you, but I'd much rather see a rainbow than a sea of blood any day of the year.

What do these decisions mean to America?  Perhaps they signal that we are slowly, fitfully, and sometimes, painfully growing up.  Perhaps some of our prejudices are fading.  Perhaps one day we can join the rest of the Western Democracies in our level of maturity.

To my gay and lesbian friends, let me say congratulations -- you so deserve this.  To those still harbouring fear of, and hatred, toward the LGBT community, take this time to reflect, talk to friends who have gay and lesbian family members, and maybe think of how the early Christians felt among the Romans and may the dawn slowly break.

And no, Reverends Robertson, Osteen, et alia. God will not destroy America because of these decisions.  America is growing up -- or trying to at least.  Rather than damn us to hell, rejoice that we are defending the underdogs -- just as Jesus did in the Gospels.

*Appointed by President Reagan in 1988

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