Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Requiem for a Language Part I: Pet Peeves of the English Police

For the past few days, several friends and I have had an ongoing discussion regarding the examples of English language abuse that drive us absolutely bonkers. Here's the list:

Me: "chose" in place of "choose", "loose" in place of "lose", the "their/there/they're" triad, as well as the "your/you're" befuddlement. And, "I should of...", or "for all intensive purposes", or "supposably", or "irregardless". Finally (for the nonce), "free bonus gift".

Choo-Choo Freddie:
* Incorrect use of superlative when a comparative should have been used.
* Incorrect use of comparative when a superlative should have been used(classic example;a list of >2 things, author then refers to the last thing as the "latter")
* The word "data" is a plural
* "stadiums", "referendums" and other non-plurals.*
* it's/its
* "none" used in the plural
* The plural of "index" is "indices".
* criteria is plural, its singular is criterion.

Dendrophile: My pet peeve is "most unique". Unique means singular, it can't take comparators.

Canis Rabidus: "censor" when one means "censure"

Pussy Willow: "got" instead of "have"

I'm sure we'll come up with more. If you have any thoughts, leave a response.


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You have got a comment, and its gr8.

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