Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Facebook programming....or utter lack thereof.

Wednesday Thursday also commented on their status.  Guys, when she signed up, she said she was a female.  How hard is it to look for an indicator (like, oh, I don’t know…an “F” or "M" or "MJ"*) as (part of) a subroutine?

Why is it that I cannot use Italics, but have to use *Italics* instead.  Dibdots, add a char-set or font map (if that’s even necessary).  Ditto for bold and underscore.

Why the hell is a simple thing like "location" not available when searching for old (non-facebook, i.e., real) friends?  I really dislike needles in haystacks.  Ya heard me from over here...not that you have a clue where I am?

Is sorting my timeline in exact chronological order really all that hard?  Bob posted 14 hours ago, Misty 3, Trevor 7, Dayday 30 minutes, and that's the order it shows up in ... come on, face-b-geek-squad, it's not difficult, doh!

Another thing, while I'm at it, why can't I hyperlink to a word?  The technology for that has been around for ages, dudes and dudettes, and it's really a very simple programming subroutine.

* Bad Michael Jackson joke...just don't shoot me.