Friday, May 19, 2006


"Truth" is becoming as subjective as beauty these days. No one wants to look at anything objectively – doing so is too scary and one might learn that a cherished belief is untrue.

Why is it that the most pietistic areas of this country tend to be those in which counting to five and putting one's shoes on the proper feet are considered major accomplishments?

A wise man sometimes thinks himself a fool but a fool always thinks himself a wise man.

One day, a Christian anthropologist will find Jesus’ body; he will then be stoned to death by a mob of his fellow Christians.

Fear and narcissism fuel our search for gods and aliens: fear that we are alone and without purpose; and a narcissistic belief that we are important and interesting enough to be the center of other beings’ attention.

Demeter is the mother of all gods, for it was agriculture that gave us the leisure to create pantheons.

All who wish to be the New Rome must bear one thing in mind: Rome fell.

Among many modern Christians one only turns the other cheek in order to spit upon another infidel.

Beware the man who says he is a “uniter not a divider”: his dream of unity can only occur if all believe as he does.

If you do not wish to watch something, change the channel; if you do not wish to hear it, turn the dial; if you do not wish to read it, cast it aside: but do not deny my right to watch, to listen, to read – or to learn.

Taking the high road, while lauded as the civilized thing to do, is actually quite suicidal: it merely makes one an open target for the snipers hiding in the bushes below.

Hasn’t the term “compassionate conservative” ever bothered you? After all, it is clearly a de facto admission that true conservatism knows no compassion.

Bullshit, when backed by money, talks; truth, without a dime to its name, walks.


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